I am an Electronics Designer who started my electronics experience testing missile systems in the Air Force in 1989; then, in 1997, I helped design and modify medical equipment at NASA Space Center Houston for the International Space Station and Shuttle missions for over 4 years. Now, I've been developing & troubleshooting electronics for oil & gas drilling systems in Houston since 2001. I helped develop Measurement While Drilling systems (MWD), Drift While Drilling systems (DWD), and Directional Drilling systems.  I have setup long term tests using mechanical movements to find MTBF. I setup and monitored electronics under test in mud flow loops at Louisiana State University, Baker Hughes, MWDSI, and Ryan Energy. As well as electronics in several live drilling rigs as well as at GTI Catoosa Test Facility. I have the strong problem-solving ability and the experience to improve the success of your operation through the design, testing, and production phases.