ecad to mcad pcb design

3d PCBA models

I use SolidWorks to create custom 3d components per their datasheet. Adding 3d models to my footprints assures a proper fit and improves component placement for hand assembly. Any view of the PCB can be generated and included in the pdf documentation. I include views with and without components. That's an impressive edge for assembly and troubleshooting, but, integrating a 3d PCBA model from my ECAD into your MCAD for fit verification, assembly documentation, and presentations will accelerate your success.

Chris Barnes' Schematic Capture & PCB Layout Service

Let me take your project from schematic to a reliable PCB fabrication and assembly package. I use Altium Designer to create organized PCB layouts with zero errors. I use proven design rules evolved from years of experience that minimize PCB fabrication costs and maximize reliability. I specialize in high temperature & vibration down-hole board designs, so your industrial applications, research & development, and university graduate projects will only benefit. I have several successful down-hole board designs that experience high radial shock just above the drill bit while functioning at 90 to 175 degree C. Your design needs will succeed with my PCB layout experience with buck / boost power supply, motor controller, microcontroller, & measurement circuits. I give the needed attention to performance affecting details of current steering, trace-widths, & heat-sinking copper pours. Experienced in PCB assembly and troubleshooting, I also mind the needs for hand assembly with component placement, reference designator orientation, and thermal reliefs. I am a perfectionist and take great pride in my design reputation by exceeding my customer's PCB needs. I have a history of 100% client satisfaction, and you too will experience no regret if you allow me to design your boards.

PCBA in 3d


pcb design - schematic to 3d

what you get

  1. BOM (xls file) - generated from schematics for design accuracy

    • "do not installs" are omitted from the BOM, the pick & place file, and annotated in the schematics and the assembly drawing

  2. Fabrication files:

    • Gerbers
    • NC Drill
    • ODB++
    • pick & place (include both csv & txt)

  3. PDF document:

  4. 3d step214 model - You can import this universal format into your MCAD... I import this into SolidWorks


3d Model Design Service

I also create custom 3d models in SolidWorks per the data sheet specs. You can import them to your footprint library, or I can create Altium libraries for you with 3d models in place.